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The whole dive trip was something special ... only downside was heading home.

Alec Anonson

$1,095 per week - up to 19 dives

Blackbeard’s Cruises Dive Liveaboards
Low Frills - High Fun

Affordable Dive Trips

Blackbeard’s Cruises has 2 Bahamas dive liveaboard sailboats. Our Bahamas diving trips are geared towards all levels of divers including new divers, experienced divers, singles, couples, dive groups, scouts, mother/father-son/daughter outings, explorers and fun-loving people. Basically, anyone adventurous who loves to dive!


Make new friends fast. There’s nowhere to hide and by the end of day one, everyone knows your name and you are sharing dive stories, tips, jokes and a rum punch together under a star filled sky.  We have 2 identical dive liveaboard sailboats, the Sea Explorer & the Morning Star.


$1,095.00 per person

  • Trips depart Nassau, Bahamas (NAS) on Saturdays to the Exuma Cays
  • 6 nights all inclusive
  • Up to 19 dives
  • Dormitory-style accommodations with shared baths and shower
  • Great for single divers

If you’re looking to be pampered and to sleep in a private, spacious cabin, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Blackbeard’s Cruises dive liveaboards are all about:

  • Jumping into the best dive spots
  • Making new friends
  • Camping on water, but we do all the work
  • Disconnecting from the world
  • Doing things you never thought possible
  • Going down the unbeaten path

This is Why our trips are so Popular

Divers on a shark feed in Eleuthera, Bahamas
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A Blackbeard's Cruises customer giving a testimonial
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Reefs, Wrecks & More

The water’s crystal clear. The Bahamas is one huge fish tank filled with amazing corals and marine life. The Exumas have a great variety of diving sites visited only by diving liveaboards.  Discover:

  • Reefs – Periwinkle, Amberjack, Jeep
  • Wrecks – Austin Smith with sharks and a resident Goliath grouper
  • Walls – Pillar, Whale Tail, Hole in the Wall
  • Drifts – Washing Machine
  • Blue Holes – Lost Blue Hole, Jakes, Lost
  • Nights – Hammerhead Gulch, Ray’s Reef

Adventure Above & Below

We know you’re coming for the diving, but we take every opportunity to make sure your non-diving and above the waterline time is just as memorable.

  • Hands-on activities
  • Sailing when the wind is right
  • Halyard swinging
  • Freediving
  • Circling the Blue Hole
  • Fish feeding at Periwinkle Reef

Fuel for the Fun: You'll Eat Well with Us

Our galley is small, but it’s big on prepping food that gives our divers energy to power through the day.

You’ll get three solid meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks. A fruit hammock hangs in the salon so you can dig into it any time. Our coffee is strong to get you amped up for the day, and there are plenty of other choices to keep you hydrated.

Once your diving is done, you can enjoy a cold beer or some of our famous rum punch.

We’ll throw the lines out when we can and if the fish are biting – wahoo, mahi and tuna are most common catches – we’ll gladly cook it up for everyone to taste. … It’s better than trying to take it home in your luggage.

If you have special dietary needs, note it on the Trip Application. With notice, chef can prepare special foods, such as vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, etc.

Sharks, Sharks and More Sharks

It’s not a matter of IF you’ll see sharks but, rather, how many and how many different kinds.

We’ll explain why the Bahamas is one of the best places to dive with the sharks. Then sit back and enjoy the show during a special shark feeding.

Enjoying a morning cup of coffee as the sun comes up in the Exumas, Bahamas on a Blackbeard's Cruises sailboat

Place You'll Call Home

Blackbeard’s Cruises take place on one of two 65′ dive liveaboard sailboats, the Sea Explorer & the Morning Star. Think summer camp for scuba divers! 

  • Dorm-style bunks with AC below deck
  • Shared baths and shower
  • Buffet meals with picnic-style dining
  • Sailing
  • Pirate antics with fun and games
  • Memories that last a lifetime
  • Stargazing
One of the Blackbeard dive liveaboard off beach in Exumas, Bahamas

The Crew

Our salty liveaboard crew is aboard to assure you have a trip of a lifetime.

  • Captains plan your trip and keep you safe
  • Cooks fuel you up for all that diving
  • Dive Instructors assist and instruct and watch out for you 
  • Engineers keep everything running smoothly

It takes some very special and dedicated souls to spend their lives working in close quarters. They love the ocean. They love the expressions of wonder and exhilaration they see!

Experience The Blackbeard Adventure

Divers on the airplane wreck in the Exumas, Bahamas
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Yes. If you do not have your own equipment, we have “top of the line” dive gear available for rent.

For information and pricing, click here. For night dives the minimum requirement is two light sources: a dive light plus a backup dive light, a non-strobing marker light or a chemical light stick (cyalume). Cyalumes are $3.00* USD each and are sold on board.

Please request these items on your Trip Application.

We do not store our gear at the dock so last minute requests may not be available.

*Subject to change.

Blackbeard’s sailboats dock at the Nassau Harbour Club Marina on East Bay Street, right across from the Starbucks. The ride is approximately 30-40 minutes from the airport to the dock. It is not that far but slow down, Mon! You are on island time now. If you need ground transfers while in Nassau, we can assist. You can make the ground transfer arrangements online or call our office at least 3 days prior to your departure. For each pick-up, the cost is $18.00 per person one-way. If you prefer to take a taxi or miss the cut-off date, taxis are readily available at the airport.

For flight planning purposes boarding is 12:00pm on Saturday and shove off by 3:00pm. Please be on board by 1:00pm at the latest. The latest we recommend landing is 12:00pm so that you have time to clear Bahamas Customs and Immigration and transfer to the dock. Once on board lunch is served; you will some have time to get settled in and then attend a mandatory safety briefing before we depart Nassau.

Blackbeard’s returns to Nassau on the following Thursday afternoon. Dinner is served on board at the dock and then you can spend the last evening exploring Nassau with your new friends! All passengers must disembark by 9:00am on Friday morning. If you have a flight later in the day, you may leave your luggage in the lobby while you sightsee. Your last dive is complete by early afternoon on Thursday. Plan your flight home according to your “NO FLY” standard from your certifying agency.

Yes, Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks frequent many of our sites. We normally offer 1 shark feed on each trip. This is the perfect time to see sharks up close and in action!

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