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Blackbeard's Divers Swim with Sharks

Sharks have historically vacated waters when scuba divers entered the area. It was believed the bubbles, created from the regulators, was why sharks would divert from their intended route, moving several hundred feet away from humans. Due to the many shark dives in the Bahamas, sharks have become familiar with the bubbles. Sharks now continue on course, bringing them closer to divers. Safety precautions are taught to divers prior to entering the water.

Seeing sharks moving freely in the waters during shark and non-shark dives has increased greatly.

Multiple Shark Experiences

Our trips to the Exumas, Exuma Cays and Eleuthera’s Split Coral Head allow Blackbeard’s divers the chance to check off items found on their must-do list – to swim and observe sharks.

The most common type of shark encountered on our dives are the Caribbean reef shark and the nurse shark which usually rests on the sandy bottoms. Underwater photographers can capture many close up images.

If  Blackbeard’s divers are lucky, the shark gods bestow appearances by hammerheads, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks and the black nose shark.

A highlight of our trip is a passive feed, where divers can observe sharks and their behaviors. Afterward, a popular activity is the search for the ultimate souvenir – a shark’s tooth.

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