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Scuba Scene was amazing, so comfortable and easy to dive off. It was the greatest experience, beyond expectations!

Dani L.

All Star Scuba Scene - Dive Egyptian Red Sea

Dive Egypt's Red Sea

Our Red Sea dive liveaboard itineraries vary. Northern Red Sea trips include Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve, established as Egypt’s first national park in 1983, and the Straits of Tiran, the SS Thistlegorm and Abu Nuhas’ shipwrecks, plus hammerhead, silky, thresher and whale sharks. Southern trips highlight marine parks of Brothers Islands and Daedalus Reef. Oceanic whitetip sharks are seen at Elphinstone Reef, also one of our dive stops.

All Star Scuba Scene Liveaboard

All Star Scuba Scene, a spacious liveaboard designed with divers in mind, is the newest vessel exploring Egypt’s Red Sea. The modern decor features warm earth tones and inviting light colored furnishings throughout. It accommodates up to 28 guests over five decks. For the convenience of divers, the shaded dive deck features gear storage and a camera table.



Starting from: $1,380.00 to $2,095.00 per week

  • Departs Hurghda (HRG) or Port Ghalib (RMF), Egypt
  • 7 nights all inclusive – 26 people
  • Up to four (4) day and night dives per day 
  • Recreational and tec diving
  • Pre and post tours/cruises available
  • Specialty Shark Weeks hosted by cruise director Dr. Elke Bojanowski

The Red Sea offers divers trips from northern reefs with shipwrecks to southern islands, home to schools of hammerheads sharks. Each dive site offers extraordinary underwater adventures. The types of experiences include:

Northern Egypt and Tiran
Highlights:  overhangs, wall dives, drop-offs with drift diving

The rich and colorful, soft and hard corals brim with sea creatures and feature textures ranging from Gorgonian fans to table corals. In addition to sharks, discover sleek manta rays, dolphins, rare nudibrachs and long-nosed hawkfish, among others.

Central and South Egypt
Highlights:  wall dives and offshore drop-offs with drift diving in challenging surface conditions

Soft and hard corals range from Gorgonian fans to table corals, all with intense, vibrant colors. Moray eels, lionfish and batfish reside here along with numerous shark species.

Experience All Star Scuba Scene

Daedalus with dive liveaboards
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Red Sea Dive Sites

  • More than 100 dive sites 
  • Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve, Egypt’s first national park
  • Straits of Tiran – Jackson, Thomas and Woodhaven
  • Straits of Gubal and Gubal Island – The Barge and Bluff Point
  • Abu Nuhas Reef
  • Brothers Islands Marine Park
  • Rocky Island Marine Park, part of St. John’s Plateau
  • Daedalus Reef Marine Park
  • Elphinstone Reef Marine Park

Egypt's Red Sea Wrecks

  • SS Thistlegorm
  • Abu Nuhas Reef: The Carnatic / Giannis D / Chrisoula K / Kimon M
  • The Dunraven
  • Rosalie Moeller
  • Ulysses
  • Brothers Islands:  Numidia / Aida

Sharks & Shark Weeks

Dive with the sharks or simply observe. The Red Sea is home to the following species:  hammerheads, silkys, silvertips, grey reef, oceanic whitetips, threshers and whale sharks.

Shark weeks occurs May to June and during the fall. Both times focus on swimming with and viewing sharks. The late spring/early summer trips provide experiences with hammerhead and grey reef sharks. During the fall, dive trips feature destinations known for whitetip shark sightings.

Dr. Elke Bojanowski participates in Shark Week and hosts four informative presentations: 1) shark behavior, 2) how to dive with them, 3) shark conservation efforts in the Red Sea and 4) a report on the outcomes of her shark research.

Shark sightings cannot be guaranteed. However, the dive locations selected have had sharks frequent the waters.

Cairo Pyramid Tours and Nile Cruises

Pre and post-tours can be added to your dive trip. The three most popular Egyptian tours are The Pyramids of Giza, southwest of Cairo, a Nile River cruise including Luxor or Aswan, and a city tour of Cairo with its rich historical and cultural attractions.

Kitesurfing Weeks

With its flat water, the Red Sea offers exceptional kitesurfing for all levels. Kite season, when the winds are most favorable, runs select weeks from April to October. Optimum locations are found in the Northern Red Sea in waters around Safaga, Soma Bay, El Gouna and Tawila Island. Kitesurfing is a group activity and typically arranged through a club or tour operator.

Dining aboard All Star Scuba Scene

Our chef and kitchen staff are extremely flexible in the types of flavorful foods they prepare on board. While the menu may showcase a dive guest’s native foods, we believe as adventurers divers are open to experiencing the culture and cuisine of a host destination.

As divers are ecologically conscious. As such, we strive to maintain a sustainable environment in all that we do. This includes how our restaurant operates. 

Aerial shot of Scuba Scene, a luxury liveaboard in Egypt's Red Sea

The Vessel

The newest luxury dive liveaboard serving the Red Sea, All Star Scuba Scene features modern decor with beautiful earth tones and light wood furnishings.

At 159 feet (48.5m) long and 34.5 feet (10.5m) wide, All Star Scuba Scene is one of the largest vessels on the Red Sea. All Star Scuba Scene safely accommodates up to 28 guests over its four decks. Two tenders are able to transfer divers to dive sites.

To protect the environment, All Star Scuba Scene strives to reduce single-use plastics while following local guidelines.

The Crew

Leading the All Star Scuba Scene operation is Ahmed Fadel and Elke Bojanowski, PhD. Protecting the marine environment is the dive operation’s underlying philosophy.

Ahmed has been diving for nearly a quarter of a century and is an experienced tec instructor. Today he oversees the vessel, the crew and staff and is also an author on diving in the Southern Red Sea.

Elke is an avid diver and oversees the vessel’s citizen scientist program which focuses on shark research and conservation. 


Depending on the itinerary, divers can see hammerheads, silkys, silvertips, grey reef, oceanic whitetips, threshers and whale sharks. As with nature, sightings cannot be guaranteed. For more information on itineraries, click here.

All guests disembark after breakfast or no later than 10:00am on Mondays.

Yes, with prior arrangements, you can rent dive gear. For rental rates, click here. Please request these items on your Trip Application. Payment is made while on board. All rentals must be arranged prior to departure.

On All Star Scuba Scene, three (3) meals are served daily in our restaurant. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet-style. Dinner offers a buffet-style salad, with a plated appetizer, dinner and dessert. Snacks are also offered.

The menu features world cuisine including local Egyptian dishes.

To view sample menus, click here. A selection of complimentary beverages includes water, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase on board.

For travel planning, boarding begins at 6:00pm. Please plan your flights accordingly so that you may board as close to this time as possible. We recommend arriving the day before to avoid any same day travel stresses.  The Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort offers day passes* and day rooms** for those who are arriving on Monday well before the 6:00pm boarding time. Click on the hotel’s link for pricing.

* Use of the beach, swimming pool and facilities.
** Includes a room with use of the beach, swimming pool and facilities.

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