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In my 15 years of diving, I’ve only had a few dives that made me want to give high fives when I surfaced. The Washing Machine was one of them!

David Weingarten

Get Ready to Walk the Plank for Adventure

Blackbeard’s dive adventures take place on one of two twin 65-foot sailboats – Morning Star or Sea Explorer. During your 6-night excursion, your time will be spent:

  • Diving and playing in the water
  • Lounging on the open deck
  • Sitting under the canopy
  • Hanging in the horseshoe
  • Making memories with new and old friends
  • Stargazing under a clear night sky
  • Getting 40 winks in your bunk

Dive Sites

Wave goodbye as we head south to the Exuma Cays. We’re getting away from the cruise ships and the city lights.

  • Day dives
  • Night dives
  • Swim with shark and rays
  • Shark feeding dives

Marine life:

  • Schools of fish
  • Eels and octopi
  • Coral and sponges
  • Lobster, crabs and cleaner shrimp
  • Turtles – 5 of the 7 species are found in the Bahamas

This is a very special place filled with an extraordinary variety of dives:

  • Coral reefs and vertical walls
  • High-speed drift dives
  • Mysterious blue holes

Dive Equipment Rental

Blackbeard’s is a pretty efficient operation. Take a look at our dive deck. This is where equipment is stored throughout your trip. Nothing fancy but we get the job done.


  • Dive tanks – Aluminum 80s, with 100s (available upon request) and 63s (limited supply) and weightbelts

Available for rent:

  • Regulator – $50.00 per week
  • Dive computer – $50.00 per week
  • Dive light (torch) – $30.00 per week
  • Wetsuit – full – 3mm – $35.00 per week
  • Buoyancy compensator – various sizes available – $50.00 per week

How it works:
The Trip Application form is where you’ll order rental dive equipment. Payment will be made on board. 

Dive Instruction

Our dive crew is here to help you. You can complete your certification course on board and/or advance your certification level with our instructor.

Available courses:

  • Open Water Checkouts – $100.00 ($25.00 per dive)
  • Discover Scuba – $125.00
  • Advanced Open Water – $150.00
  • U/W (Underwater) Naturalist – $125.00
  • Deep Diver – $125.00
  • Night Diver – $125.00

Ask the instructor upon boarding if they have any other specialty courses they can offer you.  

How it works:
On the Trip Application, indicate if you’d like dive instruction. Pricing is detailed on the Dive Instruction page and payment is made while on the boat.

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