Blue Hole Diving – Exuma Cays, Bahamas

What it's like to scuba dive a blue hole....

So what is a “blue hole”? It’s an underwater sinkhole that is open on the surface. These can be found on land as well as in the ocean. And they are usually tidal-influenced meaning the flow of water can change with the tides.Most blue holes are tidal and can suck (downward flow). Sometime the hole can blow (upward flow). It’s important to be aware of the direction during these dives. Fortunately, the Lost Blue Hole is not tidal and does not have a down flow or up flow allowing divers to safely and leisurely enjoy the flora and fauna. 

So how do you dive a blue hole? Really, it’s a personal choice. Some scuba divers like to putter around the vertical walls of the hole looking for marine life, some divers like to hover in the center taking it all in, some like to head deep and slowly explore their way back to the surface. It’s up to you. 

We know that at the Lost Blue Hole there will be no shortage of exciting encounters from loggerhead turtles, ledges full of spiny lobster and schools of Blacknose sharks circling near the top from mid-May through June. Want to scuba dive a blue hole? 

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Bahamas diving liveaboard Aqua Cat on the Lost Blue Hole
Aqua Cat Dive Liveaboard moored at Blue Hole
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