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Why Dive From a Liveaboard?

A rock iguana hanging out after eating lots of grapes

Why do people choose to dive the underwater world by liveaboard?

As divers gain experience in the water there is a natural progression to want to encounter new and interesting creatures and to dive in new and exciting locations. Another natural progression for enthusiastic divers is the move to liveaboard diving. What is it about the liveaboard experience that convinces so many divers that it is the ultimate way to Dive The World? 2 of the main factors are…

Comfort and convenience

Nothing can compete with the comfort, convenience and service level delivered by a friendly, professional liveaboard crew. Not only do you get to know the crew more and more each day but they get to know how best to take care of your needs. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting, moving tanks and setting up gear. On most boats you need do little more than slip into your wetsuit and BCD!
“Eat, sleep, dive” is the often-repeated mantra and it is not far wrong. What it really means is that everything is laid on for you. The work and hassle are removed leaving you, the lucky liveaboard guests, to simply dive, relax and be served delicious cuisine; often too much of it!

Ease of access to the widest range of dive sites

How else can you awaken early, sip a coffee and then, in the early sunlight slip effortlessly beneath the surface to encounter myriad marine life-forms at one of the most active times of day? Sometimes you feel like you are still half asleep as the dreamy kaleidoscope of the reef passes before your eyes. The daytrip alternative can often mean a much earlier start and a lot of huffing and puffing before a speedboat ride to the site.

Similarly an obvious benefit of a liveaboard itinerary is that it can often reach the dive sites that daytrips from a fixed point on land cannot. Routes are planned to take in the best sites and showcase the destination’s underwater variety in a way that resorts often cannot possibly do. This makes liveaboards ideal in locations with many islands scattered across the sea, such as in the Caribbean or in island nations such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

The best dive sites and the best diving experience – the winning combination that only liveaboards provide!