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New Wrecks Coming to the BVI

Above & Below the Waterline in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands is a destination already known for some of the very best wreck diving in the Caribbean with noteworthy wrecks – the RMS Rhone, the Chikuzen and the Kodiak Queen with its unique Kraken art.  An innovative organization is bringing new wrecks to the warm turquoise waters of the BVI this fall.

What started as above the waterline hurricane junk from 2017 is being re-purposed into below the waterline art in an “oh so creative” way – with exciting community benefits. Beyond The Reef, a BVI non-profit organization is planning on sinking 4 objects to start the project: 3 airplanes that have been made into shark art and the hull of legendary Willy T. Sinking date is schedule for the first week of August 2019.

The picture alone looks fun and ferocious at the same time. Imagine coming face to face underwater with these sharks’ teeth. Surely, you’ll be blowing bubbles. Fear? No. Laughter? Yes.

Word has it that there are 12 people actively working on the Willy T hull in order to be ready for the sinking date.

The Willy T being prepped for sinking as a dive wreck in the British Virgin Islands

We believe the $5 donation aspect of the project is one to be admired. And we’re excited about it. So many children living in island countries don’t know how to swim. And when you think of the BVI – it’s all about the sailing, diving, island hopping, ferries and the beautiful Caribbean Sea everywhere you look. Cultivating a program where children have the opportunity to learn to swim at a young age gives them important life skills, confidence, safety, and the chance to learn more about their surroundings.  We applaud Beyond The Reef and wish them the best of success!

We also can’t wait to dive the new underwater attractions. To read about Beyond The Reef and the project, click here.

Join a dive trip on the BVI dive liveaboard All Star Cuan Law to dive these wrecks.

The Willy T will be sunk for diving wreck. The liveaboard Cuan Law will dive on it.