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COVID-19 Update

All Star Liveaboards is closely monitoring developments with COVID-19 and how it will impact dive liveaboard travel. If you have a trip booked with us in the next 8 weeks and your travel plans have been affected due to quarantine or travel ban we recommend contacting us at info@allstarliveaboards.com or calling our office at 954-734-7111.

Update as of September 9, 2020


ARE TOURISTS PERMITTED TO ENTER The Bahamas? YES; U.S. citizens require a valid U.S. passport to enter The Bahamas and return to the United States.  All US airlines will be resuming service by early October.   Charter flights and private planes can still enter the country, but are subject to the protocols listed below. 


Each traveler must present a COVID-19 RT PCR (molecular swab) test with a negative result in order to apply for the Travel Health Visa Application needed to enter The Bahamas.

If you aren’t able to get the Covid test done quickly in your area you can order a mail in test from Pixel ahead of time.   Then take the test 5 days prior to your arrival and overnight to them.  They will bill your insurance company and have been getting the results back within 2 days.

Each traveler must present their final confirmation document upon arrival in The Bahamas (whether by air or by sea).

ARE THERE ANY OTHER REQUIREMENTS? YES; all travelers entering The Bahamas must comply with the Bahamas VIP program (Vacation in Place) for the duration of their trip.   This means that passengers must go from the airport to the boat and remain on it until they are ready to return to the airport.  They may not stroll around Nassau before or after the cruise.   

British Virgin Islands – As of April 28, 2020, the Governor of the British Virgin Islands has instituted a tourist travel ban until November 1, 2020. We will be resuming trips on Nov 22.  They will be requiring a negative Covid-19 test done within 3 days of travel.

Philippines – We will be resuming trips on January 16, 2021.

Indonesia has implemented their phased reopening plan. At this time they are open to domestic travel. A recent announcement was made that borders would remain closed until the end of the year, but this has not been implemented yet. We are closely monitoring the situation and will post any updates here. If you are booked on a trip that is scheduled to depart before December 31, 2020 you are able to reschedule at this time. 

Anyone whose trip is affected by government travel ban or border closure will be entitled to a rebook credit.  Remember that this is changing daily with travel bans being put in place and lifted on a day to day basis. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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