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Experience the Ultimate in Diving in the Philippines

Dive Sites

If you’re looking for a dive experience of a lifetime, All Star Infiniti’s underwater dive adventures will exceed your expectations. The central Philippines are home to a vast array of exceptional dive sites – exquisite walls, caverns, caves, colorful coral gardens in all shapes, sizes and textures, plus wrecks and muck diving. The water here runs fast with drift dives for those looking for a challenge.

On Board

While diving will typically be your #1 focus, your time onboard the Infiniti is designed with comfort in mind. The vessel accommodates 25 guests. Our crew of 18 each has their own speciality – be it overseeing the vessel’s operation, food and hospitality or diving master. Spend as much time getting to know your fellow guests on our decks and in our living areas but find ample quiet space, too. Our cabins are newly renovated and offer the privacy with an en-suite bath.

Dive Sites

Situated in the Coral Triangle, the Philippines can provide outstanding dive experiences. Tubbataha Reefs National Park in the Sulu Sea, east of the island of Palawan, is a world-renown location. This UNESCO World Heritage site features north and south atolls, rising from the ocean floor to just a few inches above sea level, as does the nearby Jessie Beazley Reef.

Warm ocean water currents make this an ideal environment for macro-critters, healthy hard and soft corals, a vast collection of fish and pelagics, in particular whale and thresher sharks and manta rays.

While the Coral Triangle only covers 2 percent of the planet’s ocean, the park advises it contains at least 40 percent of the world’s fish and 75% of corals. That’s pretty amazing.

The Visayas and Bohol itinerary takes in Moalboal with its steep walls, numerous fish species, reef sharks and macro-life, Pescador – a protected marine park with caverns, tunnels and swim-thrus, Sumilon’s (Cebu Island’s) marine sanctuary, Apo Island reputed to be one of the best coral reef dives, Balicasag known for sardine balls and manta rays and Cabilao Island with its very steep coral reef.

Malapascua and Leyte trips showcase Monad Shoal – sure to please with thresher shark sightings, Gato Island a sea snake sanctuary with schools of fish, Leyte’s Sogod Bay with astounding corals and whale sharks and Panoan Island with black corals, deep canyons and steep walls plus whale sharks and rays.

Dive Equipment Rental

Our dive deck is where your equipment is stored throughout your trip. All Star Infiniti provides the following:


  • Dive tanks – 12L and weightbelts
  • Regulator with alternate air source and tank pressure guage (bar)
  • Wetsuit (shortie)
  • Buoyancy compensator / control device
  • Mask, snorkel and fins
  • Torch for night diving

Available for rent:

  • 15L dive tank
  • Computer – $40.00 per trip
  • Wetsuit (full)
  • Nitrox – $125.00 per week

How it works:

The Trip Application form is where you’ll order rental dive equipment. Payment will be made on board.

Dive Instruction

Our dive crew is here to help you. You can complete advance level certification courses on board with our instructor. 

Available courses with prior arrangement.  

  • Advanced Open Water – $300.00*
  • Enriched Nitrox Diver – $190.00*
  • Advanced Open Water and Nitrox Diver – $450.00*
  • Deep Diver Specialty – $210.00*
  • Night Diver Specialty – $210.00
  • Drift Diver Specialty – $150.00

*Includes dive computer rental.

Ask the instructor upon boarding if they have any other specialty courses they can offer you.

How it works:
On the Trip Application, indicate if you’d like dive instruction. Pricing is detailed on the Dive Instruction page and payment is made while on the boat.

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