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Indonesia Liveaboard Diving – Biodiversity Galore

Biodiversity in Indonesia

Biodiversity is demonstrated by the countless species visible in this reefscape in Indonesia

Indonesia is a member nation in the exclusive Coral Triangle area, renowned as the most diverse underwater marine environment on earth. When we talk biodiversity, we mean a depth and breadth of species that no other area on earth can compete – at least from a numbers perspective.

Think hundreds of species of corals and hundreds of species of fish, some of which are only found here in Indonesia. It’s the closest experience to diving in a really big fish bowl with something going on everywhere. From the small creatures that can be found while diving in “muck” to seeing enormous and plentiful pelagics swim by. I don’t know how the idiom “keeping your eyes peeled” came about but my guess would be from a diver experiencing the action and diversity of Indonesia.

This is liveaboard diving at its best! To learn more about Indonesia and the itineraries we feature at All Star Liveaboards – click here.

Indonesia Diving Itineraries

Such a massive archipelago is impossible to tackle all at once, so Indonesia is divided into many smaller regions. This allows divers to research specific areas to decide which is most appealing.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia Diving, Indonesia Liveaboards

Raja Ampat is the most famous of these regions, as its biodiversity is legendary among divers – in fact, it is the location where the world record was set for most fish species spotted on a single dive…284 different species!

Komodo National Park is another notorious diving area of Indonesia with comparable biodiversity. Many people are familiar with the famous Komodo dragons inhabiting some of the islands in the area, but only divers are aware of the incredible residents of the surrounding water! Manta rays are seen regularly in Komodo, as well as a truly impressive variety of fish and macro species.

Some divers are attracted to the large pelagics found in the Banda Sea, such as schooling hammerheads and massive schools of jacks. Other divers find the exclusive reefs of Wakatobi to be most appealing.

The bottom line is that no matter where you’re diving in Indonesia, you’re sure to be amazed by unrivaled biodiversity and pristine reefs.

Komodo, Indonesia Scuba Diving Liveaboard

Indonesia Liveaboard Diving

There are few other places on Earth that have such requirement to dive via liveaboard. Indonesia’s extreme remoteness and immense size demand the unconventional travel style of a dive liveaboard.

Liveaboards provide the ability to visit a number of dive sites without the need to return to shore for an extended period of time. Many dive sites that area out of reach of land-based operations can be visited. This means more pristine sites are dived, and none of the discomfort and wasted time of a day boat are an issue.

Gourmet dining, comfortable accommodations, and exciting shore excursions are icing on the cake for Indonesia dive liveaboard passengers. Diving may be the main event, but the rest of the time spent on a liveaboard trip is just as fun.

The All Star Liveaboards fleet includes two excellent vessels exploring Indonesia. All Star Aurora is a beautiful traditional-style Pinisi boat, and All Star Velocean is a modern-style ultra-luxury steel hull boat. Though they’re completely different, both trips are phenomenal. Amazing crews, gourmet dining, and the same incredible diving can be expected on either cruise, so join us in Indonesia soon for the trip of a lifetime!

All Star Aurora dive liveaboard in Indonesia
All Star Velocean dive liveaboard in Indonesia