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The blue hole was amazing with 50 plus sharks!

Rena Schleter

With Cat Ppalu You Swim With Sharks

Shark diving in the Bahamas is a fairly young activity, having started just over 25 years ago. Sharks historically vacated waters when scuba divers entered due to the bubbles generated from the regulators. Over time, sharks in the Bahamas have grown accustomed to the bubbles and no longer divert from their planned route.

For this reason, Bahamas divers have a greater opportunity to see sharks in their natural environment during our regular dives.

Our Shark Experiences

When we ask our divers what they liked most about their trip, swimming with sharks lands on top of the list. If you look through our Facebook page and in the gallery of photos below, you’ll see that swimming with the sharks isn’t a rare event but a routine one.

The most photographed is probably the Caribbean reef shark, followed by the nurse shark, simply because this is their native habitat. Other species also appear at various sites.

Sharks are amazing creatures. While it’s great to swim with them, it is worthwhile to hang back, watch and observe their behaviors. Take time to notice the unique characteristics of each from the whiskers of a nurse shark to the location of their eyes and size and placement of their fins.


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