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When is the best time to scuba dive in Indonesia?

Choosing when and where to dive in Indonesia shouldn't be difficult. Most Indonesia dive liveaboards will choose for you!

Best time to dive in Indonesia?

Don’t worry though! We have made it easy to plan your travels because our Indonesia scuba diving liveaboards spend the best seasons in the best locations. This roughly works out to Raja Ampat from November to April and Komodo from May to October, getting the best diving and avoiding the rainy seasons in both. We reposition the boats during April and October and have planned trips to the Banda Sea and the Forgotten Islands those months.

Indonesia enjoys a tropical climate year-round and its seasons generally fall into wet season or dry season. But here’s the catch – Indonesia is a huge country (the world’s largest island country to be specific) and is made up of over 17,000 islands that span over a massive area between the Indian and Pacific oceans. This means one area’s wet season is the dry season in another area, even though it’s the same country.


All Star Velocean – ultra-luxury yacht coming April 2020, perfect for underwater photographer 

All Star Aurora – charm of a traditional pinisi dive liveaboard along with cultural experiences

This is perfect for us because Komodo and Raja Ampat have opposite seasons and we just move the boats to where the weather is likely to be best. We dive Komodo May-October during its dry season and Raja Ampat November-April in its dry season. However, keep in mind, it does still rain during the dry season, but overall wind and storm conditions are likely to be better then. Rain can always fall and a few rain drops won’t ruin your diving (they keep the islands lush and green and give us rainbows!) (Pro Photo tip – if visibly is bad because of bad weather, shoot macro photography, the little critters in Indonesia are really cool!

We dive the Banda Sea and the Forgotten Islands in October and April while we reposition the boat and the weather is generally good in that location during those months too.

What Will You See

Not sure which trip is best for you? (I recommend booking at least one of each and deciding for yourself!) But here’s some highlights of each itinerary:

Raja Ampat

  • Pristine reefs with abundant biodiversity (over 1000 species of fish and 500 corals!)
  • Massive fish schools and fantastic macro critters like nudibranchs and pygmy seahorses
  • Breathtaking scenery of many lush uninhabited islands and sandy beaches.
  • Shore excursions and cultural experiences including visiting local fishing villages, bird watching, and hiking
  • Water temperatures in Raja Ampat 82-86F (28-30C)



  • Beautiful reefs with lots of life and biodiversity including underwater seamounts, scuba diving next to active volcanoes, and muck diving.
  • Big animals like manta rays and schools of fish plus plenty of little stuff like clownfish and nudibranchs.
  • Visiting Komodo National Park to see Komodo dragons
  • Hiking to the top of beautiful islands for  lovely views
  • Water temperatures in Komodo
    • Northern Komodo 80-82F (27-28F)
    • Southern Komodo 73-75F (23-24C)
Diving with a manta ray in Komodo, aboard All Star Aurora dive liveaboard in Indonesia

Banda Sea and Forgotten Islands

  • Remote and less unexplored
  • Possibility of schooling hammerheads and large schools of barracuda, jacks, and other fish
  • Exciting macro creatures like frogfish and mimic octopus
  • Land excursions can include hiking, visiting a historic dutch fort & active volcanos
  • Water temperatures in Banda Sea 80-84F (27-28C)
Schooling hammerheads in the Banda Sea aboard with All Star Indonesia's dive liveaboards Velocean or Aurora

Still can’t decide? Read more on diving Misool part of some Raja Ampat itinerates, diving Komodo or the diving the Banda Sea 

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