What should I bring?

Space is limited on Blackbeard’s liveaboards and the islands we visit are very casual. We suggest several bathing suits, shorts, long pants, several T-shirts, one shirt, and a wind breaker all packed in soft luggage. Also pack deck shoes or sneakers, sandals, towels, suntan lotion (non-oil), sunglasses and foul weather gear (pants and jacket) which is a necessity to keep dry from spray or rain. Personal items such as aspirin, decongestants and shampoos are also recommended. We provide all bedding. We have storage at our dock for any empty bags or any bags you won’t need. We recommend 2 towels – 1 for salt and 1 for showering. Each bunk has a shelf at the end where you can store clothes and other personal items and a few hooks to hang your ditty bag too. Click here for a quick checklist.

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