Can I scuba dive?

We suggest guests have an advanced open water certification or at least 30 dives logged. Be sure to bring your certification card (c-card) with you, we’ll need to see it.

Tubbataha:  AOW certified, 20+ dives
Typical diving is down by drift along reef walls. Current is usually strong and present in Tubbataha and thus drift diving is the norm. Divers go with the flow of the current and upon surfacing are picked up by the chase boat. Deep dives are available but recommended for Advanced Professional level divers only.

Malapascua and Leyte: OW certified, 10+ dives
Suitable for all divers, however thresher shark cleaning stations at Monad Shoal lay at 90-ft (25m) and therefore beyond beginner-level depths. AOW diver training is recommended.

Visayas and Bohol: OW certified, 20+ dives
Typically, mild current for drift dive.

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