FAQ Category Cat Ppalu Diving

Do I need Trip Insurance?

It is recommended that all passengers purchase travel protection to help protect you and your trip investment. It is also recommended that all divers have diving accident insurance. For more information and to purchase dive and travel insurance, visit the…

What is the diving like?

We’ll be diving up and down the Exuma Sound, an abyss that drops over 4,000 feet to the ocean floor! While the Northern Exuma Cays are only 30 miles from Nassau, land-based dive operators are too far away to dive…

What dive gear do I need to bring?

Certified scuba divers need snorkel, fins, mask, regulator, buoyancy compensator, u/w watch or computer and depth gauge. For night dives the minimum requirement is two light sources: a dive light plus a backup dive light, a non-strobing marker light or…

How many dives per day?

Divers have the opportunity to log 3-4 dives per day Sunday through Wednesday with 2 more on Thursday. The 4th dive of the day is a night dive and is offered Sunday to Wednesday.

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