The Cobia Cage in Eleuthera, Bahamas

Submerged near the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, off the Cape Eleuthera area is a spaceship shaped object called the Cobia Cage. It floats in 80’ feet of water anchored to the sloped sandy bottom just 75 yards from where the wall drops off. Long ago it was used as a cobia farm pod in a project between the Island School and the University of Miami. The cobia would be raised in tanks onshore to a point, then the juvenile fish would be gently transferred to the cage to further growing until adulthood. The program included using the mature fish as food in the local community. There were some design flaws in being a commercial aquaculture success but it now attracts fish both large and small, various sharks and makes for an eerie backdrop for underwater photographers who dive the site. Each of our fleet in the Bahamas – the Aqua Cat, Blackbeard’s and Cat Ppalu all visit the Cobia Cage when diving in this area.

Diver on the Cobia Cage

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