If you do not have your own equipment, we have “top of the line” dive gear available for rent. For rates, click here. Please request these items on your Trip Application. Payment is made while on board. All rentals must be arranged prior to departure.

You can take a taxi which will cost $35.00 to $40.00 or we can arrange transfers. For each pick-up, the cost is $18.00 per person one-way. You can book transfers by going to Ground Transfers.  If you book transfers, you will find Mr Wright just outside the airport (by the railing). He will be holding a sign with the boat name on it. If you don’t see Mr. Wright immediately, ask anyone to point him out for you or you can reach him at 242.449.7862. Be sure to double check that you are on the right bus/van! No credit for missed transfers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our new dock location is at Bay Street Marina, Nassau

For flight planning, boarding is at 6:00pm on Saturday. We offer a welcome orientation, dinner and an important safety briefing immediately afterwards. It is important that you attend this informative meeting! Please plan your flights accordingly. If you are arriving earlier in the day, you may drop bags off at the boat prior to boarding. The Aqua Cat will depart Nassau early Sunday morning for the Exuma Cays – usually before 5:00am.

The Aqua Cat returns to Nassau the following Friday afternoon. Dinner ashore in Nassau is on your own Friday evening. All passengers must disembark on Saturday by 9:00am. You may leave your bags at the boat if you have a late afternoon flight and are welcome to use the showers and restroom on the dive deck.

Yes, Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks frequent many of our sites. We normally offer 1 shark feed on each trip. This is the perfect time to see sharks up close and in action!

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