We have scuba diving liveaboards from Budget to Beyond.  From Blackbeard’s Cruises at $995/wk to the luxury liveaboards Aqua Cat and Cuan Law.   We have a scuba diving liveaboard for you to learn to scuba dive while on vacation in the warm gin clear waters of the Bahamas.  Our onboard scuba courses are designed to be fun, safe, and prepare you to go & dive the world!


Full Scuba Certification Course (Only on Aqua Cat)

On the Aqua Cat you can complete a full scuba certification course.  Scuba certification teaches you how to dive and takes you from beginning to end in a format that never pushes you beyond your comfort level, but still helps you gain the confidence needed to become a diver. We send you the disk set and you study at home, at your own pace, prior to your cruise with us. Complete the knowledge modules prior to boarding and we’ll review the materials, make sure you are competent and comfortable with them. Next is the confined water skills segment. Our professional instructor will take you to a beautiful beach to learn and practice your skills. Once this is done, the open water dives will take place! Within four dives, you will complete the necessary drills to show you’ve got the skills to pass your certification. After that, you are certified for life!  For more information click here!

Then you can spend the rest of the week practicing your newly learned skills on the Aqua Cat. We offer up to 26 dives each week so you’ll have plenty of time to dive after you are done with your course. Your confidence and ease in the water will be so much better after having a full week of repetitive diving. Besides that, don’t you want your first dives to be in the gin clear waters of the Bahamas instead of some muddy quarry?

Open Water Checkouts (OWCO – Available on all boats)

You can do your OWCO on each of our liveaboards.  If you have completed the academic and confined water training for the open water certification and have a referral letter from your instructor, you may complete your open water checkouts in the warm clear tropical waters of the Bahamas or British Virgin Islands. After completing the 4 checkout dives, your certification will be complete and you will be free to dive with your buddy.  For more information go to the instruction for each boat:  Aqua Cat, Blackbeard’s Cruises, Cat Ppalu or Cuan Law.