A very safe and friendly environment with great crew, comfortable boat, super dives and snorkels and we even caught some fish!

Bill Topping
BSA Troop 888, Stuart FL

Scuba Diving Scouts

Scouts Dive Experience

For more than 39 years, Blackbeard’s Cruises has been taking scouts and scouting groups to dive sites in the Bahamas. The trips are life-changing – from the first breath underwater to the feeling of zero gravity and from the discovery of marine life to earning the Scuba Merit badge. It’s our pleasure to introduce scouts to a skill they can carry with them throughout their lives … besides it’s fun, too!

Your scout troop will have plenty to do besides diving. We offer daily eco-adventures and shore excursions so you can experience the wonder of the uninhabited and remote cays – fishing, hiking, flora and fauna trails, deserted beaches, bonfires and more.

The scouts will be assigned responsibilities during the week as we make our way through the Exuma Cays. Activities such as doing dishes, tidying the ship, washing the deck and cleaning will be on the list  and they can also participate in wheel watches, raising sails, helping in the galley or watching the fishing lines.


Scuba Diving Scout Group Rate
– $1,045.00 per person including gratuity plus port fee of $145.00. 

  • Affordable and within easy reach of scouting groups
  • 18 bunks in air conditioned living quarters that accommodates up to 24 total passengers
  • The most amazing diving in crystal clear Bahamas waters 
  • Surviving at sea skills like fishing for dinner
  • Learning how to sail, snorkel and more
  • A trip without electronic devices; face-to-face socializing
  • Time for old-fashioned fun, play and stargazing

Just like scouting, the philosophy behind SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) encourages the quest and challenge for adventure, knowledge development and personal growth. 

  • A variety of safe ocean dives – walls, reefs, wrecks, a blue hole and a high-speed drift
  • All dives conducted with maximum depth of 40- 60-feet (dependent on scout’s age)
  • Marine life education
  • Valuing and protecting our environment
  • An engaging crew
  • Meals and snacks to power divers all day long
  • Learning opportunities disguised as fun
  • Above the surface activities (OK – some antics, too)
  • The first of many dive trips of a lifetime

Sailing with Blackbeard’s is like scout camp but on water. No one cares that you’ve worn the same tee-shirt for 5 days straight. We won’t tell your mom you brushed your teeth every other day or that your swimming trunks are hanging off the side of the boat drying. This trip isn’t about stuff. It’s about diving, connecting with your mates, telling stories, hanging out and being a kid (scout leaders included).

“… staff pointed out electroluminescent plankton activity – which I have also never seen before … “

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