Divemasters ... absolutely fantastic. Tubbataha Reef was wonderful - lovely fish and marine life.

Adrian Smyth

Experience the Philippines

Dive Sites

Scuba diving in the Philippines runs the gamut. Any type of experience can be found here (except for ice diving that is!). They include breathtaking walls, exhilarating drift dives, caverns, caves, coral gardens, wrecks and muck diving. The variety of marine life and the sheer numbers of species and inhabitants are awe-inspiring. Some have described it as swimming in the best fish bowl ever!

On Board

With a crew to guest ratio of 1:1, the attention to detail and level of customer service shines through. Cabins are designed with a clean, minimalistic style. The retro-chic decor incorporates creature comforts guests have come to expect. Relaxation areas provide ample space to mingle or stretch out after a day of exciting dives.

Dive Sites

Our Philippines diving adventures focus on the outstanding underwater experiences of southwest Philippines including Sulu Sea’s Tubbataha Reef National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with three (3) atolls that rise from the ocean floor to just a few inches above sea level. The nutrient-rich waters carried by warm water ocean currents provide ample supply of food for large pelagics like whale sharks and mantas but also support healthy hard and soft corals and abundant fish and macro life. These trips launch from Puerto Princesa, Palawan, the southernmost largest island between South China and Sulu Sea. It is also the site of the Subterranean River National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Mindoro Strait itinerary showcases the region around the island of Mindoro located in west-central Philippines, northeast of Palawan. Bordered on the north by the Verde Island Passage and on the west by the Mindoro Strait, dive highlights include Apo Reef, Puerto Galera and nearby Verde Island. Known as mini-Tubbataha due to its similarity in diving, Apo Reef is a protected national park since 1996 and is one of the most popular. Scuba diving and snorkeling here are exceptional due to the quality of the flora, the fauna and the clarity of the water and white sand. Many species can be observed in deep or shallow waters in particular, sharks, giant napoleons and mantas. The corals are in excellent health and growing. These trips launch from Anilao on the mainland of the Luzon province located approximately 80 miles south of Manila Airport.

Dive Equipment Rental

Our dive deck is where your equipment is stored throughout your trip. All Star Philippines provides the following:


Dive tanks – 63 CF (9L), 80 CF (12L) and 100 CF (15L) (limited supply) and weightbelts. There is no additional charge for the use of the large tank. Free nitrox.

Available for rent:

  • Regulator – $9.00 per day
  • Computer – $9.00 per day
  • Wetsuits – $5.00 per day
  • Buoyancy compensator – $9.00 per day
  • Mask and fins – $9.00 per day
  • Full gear with computer $38 per day

How it works:

The Trip Application form is where you’ll order rental dive equipment. Payment will be made on board.

Dive Instruction

Our dive crew is here to help you. You can complete advance level certification courses on board with our instructor. 

Available courses with prior arrangement.  

  • Advanced Open Water – $485.00
  • Nitrox – $270.00
  • Deep Diver Specialty – $250.00
  • Night Diver Specialty – $250.00
  • Multilevel Specialty – $250.00

Ask the instructor upon boarding if they have any other specialty courses they can offer you.

How it works:
On the Trip Application, indicate if you’d like dive instruction. Pricing is detailed on the Dive Instruction page and payment is made while on the boat.

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