COVID-19 Update

All Star Liveaboards is closely monitoring developments with COVID-19 and how it will impact dive liveaboard travel. If you have a trip booked with us in the next 8 weeks and your travel plans have been affected due to quarantine or travel ban we recommend contacting us at or calling our office at 954-734-7111.

Update as of February 25, 2021

On Cat Ppalu and Blackbeard’s, testing will be done at the dock on Thursday upon return to port.  Currently, an outside lab is charging $10 per person to come to the dock.  The cost of the antigen test is included in your health visa.

Effective January 26th, the US will require a negative test to return.

We have antigen testing available at the docks.

On Aqua Cat, the lab will come to the boat on Friday upon return to port.  For Aqua Cat, the dock is a testing site so no extra charge for testing there.

The Bahamas is working on the paper or electronic results required so you have something to show the airlines.

For anyone extending their stay for more than 72 hours beyond Thursday evening or Friday evening (Cat Ppalu/Blackbeard and Aqua Cat respectively), private arrangements can be made to test again at one of two local labs.


When do I need to get a test to travel to the US? And what kind of test do I need?

Get tested no more than 3 days before your flight to the US departs. Make sure to be tested with a viral test (NAAT or antigen test) to determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19. Also make sure that you receive your results before your flight departs and have documentation of your results to show the airline.

What if I recently recovered from COVID-19?

CDC does not recommend getting tested again in the three months after a positive viral test, as long as you do not have symptoms of COVID-19. If you have had a positive viral test in the past 3 months, and you have met the criteria to end isolation, you may travel instead with documentation of your positive viral test results and a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official that states you have been cleared for travel. The positive test result and letter together are referred to as “documentation of recovery.”

What is a verifiable test result?

A verifiable test result must be in the form of written documentation (paper or electronic copy) of a laboratory test result. Testing must be performed using a viral test (NAAT or antigen), and negative results must be provided to the airline prior to boarding. The test result documentation must include information that identifies the person, a specimen collection date and the type of test. A negative test result must show test was done within the 3 days before the flight. A positive test result must show the test was done within the 3 months before the flight.

What kind of documentation of my test result do I need to provide?

CDC requires that air passengers arriving in the US have a paper or electronic copy of their test result for review by the airline before you board and for potential review by public health officials after you arrive in the US.

What if I have had a COVID-19 vaccine?  Do I still need a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19?

Yes, all air passengers traveling to the US, regardless of vaccination status, are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery.


ARE TOURISTS PERMITTED TO ENTER The Bahamas? YES; U.S. citizens require a valid U.S. passport to enter The Bahamas and return to the United States.  All US airlines will be resuming service by early October.


Each traveler must present a COVID-19 RT PCR (molecular swab) test with a negative result taken within 5 days of arrival in the Bahamas.  After gettting the results back you need to apply for the Travel Health Visa Application needed to enter The Bahamas.

Starting November 14th, the health visa will be $60 to cover the cost of COVID health insurance.

If you aren’t able to get the Covid test done quickly in your area you can pre-order a mail in test from Pixel ahead of time.     They will bill your insurance company and have been getting the results back within 2 to 4 days.

Each traveler must present both their negative covid test and health visa confirmation document upon arrival in The Bahamas (whether by air or by sea). 

British Virgin Islands

Entry to the Territory is only permitted through the T B Lettsome International Airport (EIS). Ferry ports for vessels from outside of the Territory are due to re-open on 1 March 2021 (this may be delayed). We recommend scheduling flights into Beef Island Airport until the ferry terminal is officially reopened.

  • All travellers will need approval prior to entry. This can be obtained through the online BVI Portal
  • A certified COVID-19 negative test within five days prior to arrival for all travellers from all countries
  • A test on arrival, which if negative, allows controlled movement within the confines of an approved property or vessel for four days
  • A further test after the four days (Wednesday) which if negative, allows full movement within the Territory. The crew of Cuan Law will arrange for your testing ashore on Wednesday.
  • A positive test at any time after arrival will result in a mandatory 14 day quarantine
  • All arriving passengers will be issued with and required to wear a tracking bracelet for at least 8 days
  • A charge of $175 per person will be collected from all passengers to cover the cost of in-Territory testing and the BVI Portal app.

Philippines – Foreign visitors are not allowed to enter at this time.

Indonesia – Foreign visitors are not allowed to enter at this time.

Anyone whose trip is affected by government travel ban or border closure will be entitled to a rebook credit.  Remember that this is changing daily with travel bans being put in place and lifted on a day to day basis. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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