The chart below gives the seasonal air and water temperature range for the Central Bahamas including the Nassau, New Providence, the Exumas and Eleuthera. One note the water temperatures can change very quickly due to the shallow water on the banks. A few days of warm sunny weather and calm winds will warm the water quickly, while cool, cloudy & windy weather will cool the water quickly. We have had water temperatures as cold as 65º F and as high as 96º F on the banks. The water temperatures on the offshore reefs aren’t this extreme as the bank water mixes with the offshore moderating it when the tide is dropping. When the tide is rising it will bring in more moderate water from offshore. While on a scuba diving liveaboard you will have the opportunity to make a lot of dives so you may need more protection than you would normally.

Average Bahamas Temperatures

Month Water Temperature Air Temperature Wetsuit
January-February 72-75f/22-24c 72-80f/22-27c Full Wetsuit 6mm
March 73-77f/23-25c 72-85f/22-2pc Full Wetsuit 6mm
April 75-79f/24-26c 76-90f/24-32c Shorty or Full
May 77-80f/25-27c 80-90f/27-32c Skin or Shorty
June 79-81f/26-27c 80-90f/27-32c Skin or Shorty
July – September 83-87f/28-30c 80-90f/27-32c None required
October 78-82f/26-28c 76-90f/24-32c Skin or Shorty
November 75-80f/25-27c 72-85f/22-29c Shorty or Full
December 73-78f/24-26c 72-85f/22-29c Full Wetsuit 6mm