At the end of each week, guests on board share their photos with each other and enter their favorite shot into our photo contest. There are three categories: Macro, Wide Angle, and Topside. The winner of each category is entered in our annual drawing for a discounted cruises (half price)! The guests then vote on the best overall from these three categories. This winner goes into a separate drawing for BEST OVERALL annually and could win a free liveaboard cruise on the Aqua Cat! We have some really talented photographers join us- check them out!

2016 Gallery Winners

010216 Mandy Stewart Wide Angle
010216 Roberta Corona- macro-overall
010216 topside
010916 Jenny otte Wide Angle
010916 Jim Wopereis Topside
010916 Larry Thompson Macro and Overall
020616 Joanne Rose Topside & Overall
020616 Clarke Skinner wide angle
020616 Clark Skinner macro
021316 Stephen Feng Macro
021316 Stephen Feng Topside
021316 Stephen Feng Wide Angle and Overall
022716 Brian Tong Macro
022716 Dave Landry Topside
022716 Petra Westermeier Macro and Oversll
042316 Dawn High Topside
041616 Caroline Gilmore Topside
041616 Cindy Blair Macro
041616 Raymond Phillips Aka Tom Wide Angle and Overall
042316 James Flenner Wide Angle
042316 Rod Dillon Macro and Overall
043016 Elena Astrebov Macro
043016 Elena Astrebov
043016 Elena Astrebov Wide Angle
031216 Denise Haas Topside
031216 Michelle Wyer Wide Angle and OVerall
031216 Pattie Butler Macro
031916 Aaron Lit Macro
031916 Daniel Oliveira Topside
031916 Tony Lit Wide Angle
040216 Joseph Weiser Wide Angle
040216 Micheal Dupre Macro
040916 Janelle Graves - Wide angle and overall
040916 Kevin Graves - Macro
040916 Stephanie Teschendorf - Topside
050716 David Belchamber Macro and overall
050716 David Belchamber Wide Angle
050716 Lynn Kirby Topside
052116 Reinaldo Campos - wide angle
052116 Red-Tipped Sea Goddess
052116 Norm Dallura - topside- overall
051416 Julio Yaber- Wide and Overall
051416 Julio Yaber - Macro
051416 HilaryFoster - Topside
052816 Chris Anderson, topside
052816 Patrik Rollefson macro and overall
052816 Stephanie Anderson Wide Angle
060416 Jo Wellendorf Topside and Overall
060416 Jo Wellendorf Wide Angle
060416 Mark Elliot Macro
061116 Alyson Junge topside
061116 Babara Trinkle Wide Angle and Overall
061116 Doug Junge Macro
062516 Michelle Ellingson Macro
062516 Peter Rials Topside
062516 Peter Rials Wide Angle
061816 Rich Bryant - Top Side
061816 Gene Ruhl- Macro-Overall
061816 Rich Bryant Wide Angle
070916 Charlie Underwood Wide Angle
070916 Malinda Cannon Topside and Overall
071616 George Gatz - Macro and Overall
071616 George Gatz Wide Angle
071616 Jeffrey Rein - Topside
072316 DIRK PETERSON Wide Angle
072316 STEVEN ZIMMERMAN Macro and Overall
080616-Alexander Aganesova macro and overall
080616 Gretchen Ashton topside
080616 Olga Aganesova wide angle
082016 Derek Brint Macro and Overall
082016 Derek Brint Topside
082016 Derek Brint Wide Angle
081316 Cindy Smith Topside
082716 Laura Murphy Macro
082716 Rocky Kmiecik Wide Angle and Overall
082716 Vern Rubick Topside
081316 Nick Edgerly Wide Angle
081316 Larry Smith Macro and Overall
090316 Debbie McCoy Wide Angle
090316 Ken McCoy Macro
090316 Stephen Roth Topside
091016 Alyssa Gumm Macro
091016 Katy Roberts Wide Angle and Overall
091016 Lynn Cardey Topside
091716 Greg Luken Macro
09171 Greg Luken Wide Angle and Overall
091716 Sarah Herrington Topside
092416 LAURIE DAVIS Wide Angle
101516 Dave Helms Topside
101516 Dave Helms Wide Angle and Overall
101516 Lesa Leggett Macro
111216 Utku Edin Macro
111216 Utku Edin Topside
111216 Utku Edin Wide Angle
111916 Bob Latif Macro
111916 Bob Latif Wide Angle
111916 C.W. Brown Topside and Overall
112616 Linda Faux Wide Angle and Overall
122416 Jose Chesnoy Macro and Overall
122416 Bill Martin Topside
122416 Bill Martin Wide Angle
123116 Andrey Malay Topside
123116 Bob Scott Wide Angle
123116 Bob Scott Macro and Overall
102216 Lynn Wickline Macro
102216 Scott Hammond Topside and Overall
102216 Scott Hammond Wide Angle
102916 Sue Miller Wide Angle
102916 Steve Jackson Topside
110516 Ademir Cassano Jr Wide Angle
110516 Ben Novak Topside
110516 Chris Miller Macro
120316 Joe Safirstein Wide Angle
120316 Joe Safirstein Macro
120316 Joe Safirstein Topside
121016 Teo Loewe Macro
121016 Teo Loewe Wide Angle
121016 Kristy Mason overall & topside
121716 DAVE SEREPCA macro
121716 DEVIN KRUGLY topside